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13 Comments on “Photo Gallery”

  1. David Clark

    To see us as a people haveing a heaven of a time like this is a Humbling experience.I will be There (again) and I hope you are too.

  2. David Clark

    I meant what i said…i did it last year and now for 2018….i came i saw and i…..HAD A DIGGTY DAM GOOD TIME.

  3. Brittany

    Second year going and it’s always a zoo. Better line up this year though. You get to meet amazing people from all over and share memories with them. I will definitely be coming back with my Jersey crew!MDG2019

  4. Quetta

    This year was my first year attending MDG2018 & my room has already been paid for MDG2019…. It was a lituation the entire time….. I can’t wait for next year!!!!! Turn’t event you must attend don’t hear about it be about it!!!!

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